Design Fiction as pedagogic practice

Over the last couple of years, the term Design Fiction (DF) has gained ground and popularity. It has entered design parlance and has become ‘hip with the kids’. As a practice it’s moved out of classrooms and galleries into boardrooms and research labs. I’ve watched the term grow in popularity, been frustrated with the lack of historic contextualisation, and amazed by how little the term has been interrogated.

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  1. Many thanks for the DF manifesto, I am so glad you shared it. After many years in the profession I returned to academia to get my MFA with the focus of my thesis on DF. I am now Assistant Professor of Design Foundations at The Ohio State University and I hope to someday prep a DF course as well. This is great foundational stuff.

    My own work of DF is a continuing, online graphic novel, The Lightstream Chronicles.

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